Boxing is a skill. We will teach you how to master it.


An Empowering Boxing Experience

The world of boxing education just got even better!

'REBELFIT BOXING ACADEMY' is a boxing platform that's set to revolutionize the way you learn the sweet science.

New Moves, New Challenges

✅Unleash Your Boxing Potential with Innovative Training Techniques.

✅Go from Zero to Knockout Artist as fast as possible

✅Master the Techniques

Connect with Boxing Champions

✅Mentors are Hyper-Successful Experts in their field.

✅Get Mentored Every Step of your journey.

✅ Master Essential Boxing Skills for success

Private Network

✅Make Like-Minded Friends on your journey.

✅Master the boxing skills you need to Maximize Your Ring Success.

✅ Spar and Network at RebelFit Academy to Elevate Your Boxing Prowess, just like hundreds of our students.

Effective Techniques

Seasoned Trainers will guide you to discover Effective Boxing Techniques. From Powerful Jabs to Advanced Ring Control. Elevate Your Boxing Skills to Stand Out In The Ring, whether you're a Novice or Experienced Pugilist.


Beyond the sport, Self-Defense is a vital aspect. Our Specialized Training incorporates Self-Defense Techniques, giving you the Confidence to Safeguard Yourself in Various Real-World Scenarios.

Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is a hallmark of any Successful Boxer and an Asset In Life. Explore training that nurtures your Mental Fortitude, Enhances Focus, Composure, and Determination. Conquer Life's Challenges with Unshakeable Mental Strength

Competition Strategies

Whether you're eyeing Competition Bouts or Personal Development, delve into Strategic Training. Learn to Decode your Opponents, formulate Winning Fight Plans, and execute Successful Strategies in the ring. Proficient Coaches will prepare you for Triumph in the Competition World Of Boxing.

Boxing Evolution: Your Path to Unleashing Your Full Potential Begins Here.

In this dynamic realm of boxing, these facets are indispensable for personal growth and success. Whether your ambition revolves around achieving excellence in the ring or personal development, we provide all-encompassing training, ensuring you're well-prepared to reach your goals.



Our contemporary and hands-on-training methods have paved the way for countless students to achieve success in the boxing world from any corner of the globe.


Step-by-Step Learning

You will Unlock Exclusive Access to our in depth training sessions, covering everything from boxing fundamentals to Advance Techniques that will sharpen your skills in the ring.

Easy-To-Follow program for boxing success.

✅Quickly learn new High-Level Boxing Skills.

Hyper-Advanced Boxing training application.

Daily Training With Championship Coaches

Every one of our coaches has a Successful Boxing Career and has Mastered The Techniques they teach in our curriculum.

These passionate and skilled professionals are your Cornermen, providing Structured Training, Daily New Drills, and Continuous Guidance on your Boxing Journey.

They will be with you at every punch, from honing your fundamentals to Rising as a True Boxing Champion. At RebelFit Boxing Academy, we stand out in your Boxing World.

This adaptation incorporates a boxing theme, replacing "Millionaire Coaches" with Championship Coaches and emphasizing their guidance in your journey towards becoming a Boxing Champion.

A Growing Community of Boxing Enthusiasts like You

Our training facility is a supportive, high-focus environment where Everyone Shares the Same Mission: Mastering the Art of Boxing and Personal Development.

✅Make Like-Minded Friends on your boxing journey.

Celebrate your Wins with people who Understand Ambition.

Network with 100's of Energetic students on the same Mission

  • David Lee

    David Lee is a Certified Strength and
    Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)/Coach
    (CSC) through the National Strength
    and Conditioning Association (NSCA),
    and the National Council on Strength
    and Fitness (NCSF). He is recognized
    by the National Academy of Sports
    Medicine (NASM) as a Performance
    and Corrective Exercise Specialist,
    Precision Nutrition (PN) as a Level 1
    Nutrition Coach, and holds the
    distinction as a USA Weightlifting
    Level 2 Sports Performance Coach.
    David graduated from CSULB with a
    Master's degree in Kinesiology with a
    specialization in Sports Medicine and
    Injury Studies in 2009. Since then,
    David has focused on helping his
    clients find motivation and drive in
    developing healthy habits and
    reaching their goals. By utilizing a
    variety of individualized and
    comprehensive activities, he has
    helped clients reach peak
    performance and understand the
    essential connection between
    mindset, nutrition, and health.

  • Gwendolyn Evelyn

    Gwen is a former 2019 Bikini World
    Champion with the World Fitness
    Federation (WFF) and is currently a
    top 5 nationally ranked Wellness
    Division competitor with the National
    Physique Committee (NPC). She has
    been successfully training clients
    since 2017, and specializes in body
    transformation, bodybuilding,
    nutrition, weight loss, competition
    prep, and competition posing.
    Gwendolyn also offers online coaching
    and customized meal plans that are
    individually tailored to your personal
    goals. She currently has clients that
    range from beginners to advanced
    body building professionals and is
    always eager to work with new clients
    to help them reach their fitness goals.

  • Core Mentality

    Meet Core Mentality, a game-changer in the realm of sports and fitness instruction. As a former college athlete and dedicated educator, Core Mentality seamlessly blends athletic prowess with educational acumen. With a passion cultivated on the college sports stage, Core Mentality transitioned into education, becoming a beacon of inspiration for students. Now, as a youth and forever athlete, Core Mentality is on a mission to instill a love for sports and fitness in the next generation. Through dynamic and motivational instruction, Core Mentality empowers young individuals to embrace an active lifestyle, promoting physical and mental well-being. Beyond the classroom, Core Mentality serves as a mentor, guiding others on a journey toward lifelong athleticism. In every endeavor, Core Mentality is rewriting the script, demonstrating the transformative potential of a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie is a Certified Personal
    Trainer and Nutrition Coach through
    the National Association of Sports
    Medicine and has over 6 years of
    fitness experience. Graduating from
    Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor's
    Degree in Animal Health Science,
    Stephanie initially pursued working
    with small animals as a Registered
    Veterinary Technologist while still
    striving to achieve her own fitness and
    nutrition goals. Having experienced
    her own personal transformation
    through fitness, Stephanie has been
    dedicated to help other 9-5ers build
    consistency and reach their goals
    through a hybrid style of training. By
    implementing a variety of workouts
    ranging from strength training to
    mobility training to functional training,
    she is bound to help you reach your
    full potential in and out of the gym.




✅Techniques for Boxing Mastery

✅Guidance from Championship Coaches

✅Community of Aspiring Boxers

✅No Prior Experience Required

✅Tailored Training Application

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Frequently asked questions

Are the gyms suitable for all fitness levels and ages?

Yes, RebelFit Boxing Academy caters to individuals of all fitness levels and age groups. Whether you're a novice looking to learn the basics of boxing or an experienced pugilist seeking to enhance your skills, their programs are designed to accommodate everyone

What types of equipment and facilities do these gyms offer?

RebelFit Boxing Academy provides a well-equipped training facility with the necessary boxing equipment. This includes equipment for practicing powerful jabs, advanced ring control, and various other boxing techniques. They have all the tools you need to succeed in the world of boxing.

Do these gyms offer boxing and martial arts programs?

No, RebelFit Boxing Academy focuses exclusively on boxing. They offer a comprehensive boxing training program, including various boxing techniques, self-defense training, and mental toughness development. Martial arts programs are not offered.

What is the cost of membership or training sessions at these gyms?

The cost of membership at RebelFit Boxing Academy varies based on the type of membership you choose. They offer both adult and youth memberships with different pricing. The rates are competitive and provide access to their comprehensive training.

Are there experienced and knowledgeable coaches and trainers?

RebelFit Boxing Academy boasts championship coaches who are seasoned professionals with successful boxing careers. These coaches have mastered the techniques they teach in the curriculum and are dedicated to providing structured training, daily drills, and continuous guidance to help you reach your boxing goals.

Are there flexible membership options (e.g., month-to-month, yearly)?

RebelFit Boxing Academy offers different membership options, including both adult and youth memberships. They don't specify whether they offer month-to-month or yearly membership options, so it's recommended to contact them directly for detailed membership information.

Do these gyms offer group fitness classes?


What is the reputation of these gyms within the community?

RebelFit Boxing Academy enjoys a positive reputation within the community. While we are a growing gym, our commitment to providing quality boxing training has garnered favorable feedback from members and local residents. Our gym's emphasis on inclusivity and support, along with the guidance of championship coaches, has contributed to our reputation as an up-and-coming institution in the world of boxing.

Are there any unique features or benefits that set these gyms apart from each other?

RebelFit Boxing Academy distinguishes itself by offering a community of boxing enthusiasts, championship coaches, specialized training for self-defense and mental toughness, and a focus on developing effective boxing techniques. These unique features contribute to their commitment to your success in the world of boxing.

Is there a trial or introductory session available for new customers?

Coach JR will be able to give more detail to that.

Is there a sense of community or camaraderie at these gyms?

Yes, RebelFit Boxing Academy emphasizes creating a supportive and high-focus environment where like-minded individuals can make friends on their boxing journey and share their ambition.

What are the safety and hygiene measures in place at these gyms?

RebelFit Boxing Academy prioritizes the safety and hygiene of its members. They maintain a clean training environment, with regular disinfection of equipment and training areas. Additionally, they promote good hygiene practices among members, including the use of personal equipment. Instructors and coaching staff are vigilant about ensuring that participants follow safety guidelines, including proper warm-up and cool-down routines to prevent injuries. Overall, the gym places a strong emphasis on providing a safe and healthy training environment for all its members.

Everything taught within The RebelFit Boxing Academy is for guidance and growth purposes only. It is up to each student to implement and do the work.